The Speech and Voice Care Center of Houston offers motivational guidance through a series of inspirational workshops and coaching sessions called Speak Your Success.  These workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions are designed to empower individuals to overcome the obstacles of poor body image and fear of speaking.

Vocal Image

Vocal Image teaches individual tools to overcome fears of public speaking so interaction in any setting is accomplished with confidence and ease.  Sessions include pronunciation, projection, volume control, proper breathing and stage fright management.

Body Image

Body Image inspires individuals to action based on the precept we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Working under the umbrella of the Speak Your Success vernacular, this faith-based program is called Purpose and Passion.  It includes topics such as You Are the Answer, Spiritual Gifts: God’s Way and Speak Your Success. Geared towards churches, mentoring programs and learning institutions, it applies biblical principles and truths about body types to overcome low self-esteem.

Accent Reduction

These workshops and 1:1 sessions are designed to empower individuals to overcome obstacles or barriers presented by strong regional or foreign accents.

Sessions include training on pronunciation, projection, and tone to enhance your speech so that you communicate clearly without erasing your identity.


These group and 1:1 sessions are designed to empower individuals in the sports, entertainment, and public speaking arena to overcome obstacles of speaking for public interviews, hosting, radio or television broadcasts, motivational speaking, and other public relations related demands.