Happy Memorial Day…or is Veteran’s Day from SVCC!!!

Today is a day to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. I am so thankful for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. 

I ran across the perfect meme that distinguishes the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s DayToday, many soldiers will get a thank you for their service. That’s fine and dandy, but not correct. Memorial Day is technically for the fallen soldiers who lost their lives in the line of duty. It falls on the last Monday in May. Veteran’s Day is November 11th. This is the day to honor ALL who have served in the military. 

I know this is a holiday, but my job is not done until the world speaks better! Each year on Memorial Day, we see this happening on social media where folks tag their living and breathing military loved ones in pics and posts. It’s done in innocence and from a place of love. However, it’s good to be properly informed. Unfortunately, errors of this nature also happen daily in corporate settings in emails and face-to-face conversations. Mispronounced, misspelled or misused words could potentially ruin your credibility in professional settings. I’ve been on my soapbox for years about “conversate” and other words that I call “Not words.” I’m happy to see the “Conversation Starter Movement” growing. I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of support in one way or another. I appreciate you all for helping to spread the word via the following:

1.)  Conversation Starter T-Shirts

2.) Twisted Tuesday Tongue Twister Challenges

3.) Blogs

4.) #NotAWord posts “ & other speech tips

5.) “InfoTainment” videos (Informative & entertaining)

 We are not stopping until the world knows “It’s Sexy to Speak Correctly!” I was excited to see the campaign gain momentum with the posting of our InfoTainment video of the first “NotAWord” tutorial. We received 18 shares and 1,000 views in 2 days with the views from my personal and SVCCHouston facebook pages combined.   

The campaign is effective! We have started the conversation about speech and grammar in schools, salons, dentist offices, BBQs & wherever we wear the shirts. I’m hearing your stories when I see you or chat with you on the phone. I would love to hear more about your experiences. Please email me at sgibson@speechandvoicecenter.com if you are interested in being interviewed for a vlog or blog about your conversation starter journey. I want to know why you joined & the impact you have made on the community around you just by wearing your tee!!!

Until next time…


Speak Success,

Shulie G.
Your Speech Coach

About the Author
Shulie Gibson, a degreed and certified speech and voice professional, teaches aspiring and professional speakers the ASK method to prepare them to speak from the heart, be authentic and crush it in any speaking situation. She prepares speakers to put their best foot forward and provides solutions for those nagging voice issues and speech questions!

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